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TheBest OldStyle Waypointt 20-239level Ng BBot KeraBot All bots from Tibia

Mensagem  radula123 em Sab Abr 14, 2012 3:19 pm




-Sea serpents with soft refiller, depositer and mana refiller AND task hunter
-heros/necros with depositer and mana refiller
-Mutated Rat's Yalahar with TASKS maker, refiller, depositer.
-Fenrock dragonlair depositer
-Liberty Bay Wyrms - SMALL SPAWN - Depositers/Refiller
-Yalahar Arena 90-110k/h Master Sorcerer 80 LVL depositer/refiller.
-Liberty Bay Earth Elementals & Nightstalkers -1 = refiller/depositer
-Darashia Dragons + sb refil + depositer + mf buyer + rare depositer
-Mutated Rats/Bat/Tigers @ Yalahar Arena MONEYMAKER!!
-Blue djins with depositer and mana refiller
-Mutated Rats/Tigers/Bats Yalahar Arena 100% AFK for PALADIN
-Barbarians Krimhorn (BIG camp+Tower)
-Okolnir South-West Mage + Depositer + Refiller (100+ / 180k/hr)
-Cave Worker Golems 100 % AFK ! REFiller 100k/h DEPOSITER ! FOR PALLYS !
-Mutated Rat Towers 100~~130k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Mutated Arena 100~~125k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Sea Serpents SVAR 130~~180k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-LB NightStalkers 90~~110k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Yalahar Cults 120~~130k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Giant Spider Yalahar 90~~120k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Edron Dragons 70~~90k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Necro/Hero Yalahar West 90~~120k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Haunted Treeling Yalahar/Vengoth 100~~140k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Necro Goroma (Ramoa) 90~~120k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Darashia Dragons 90~~110k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Dark Cathedral [ 100% AFK ]
-water elementals refiller + rox targeting.
-Full banuta's ground + towers -perfect depositer-
-Venore Orc Tower + Gold Depositer
-Malada Quara Scouts (80-150k/h)
-Edron d lair,perfect poh with depositer good items and manarestore
-yalahar cults (100k/h) profit - with everything
-LB nighstalker (80k/h) profit
-Workers golem (100-150k/h) - profit depend on luck - with everything
-Apes (60 - 80k/h) - big profit
-Yalahar Arena (90-110kh) always profitable - with everything
-Darashia Dragons (80-100kh) - profit big, with everything
-Water Elemtanls (140-160k/h) - profit

• Laguna island+depositer
• Ape -2 With Depositer
• Arena Mutated
• Barbs
• blue djinn yalahar
• Bog Raiders - All Voces
• Cemetery skels
• Chakoyas depositer 1
• Crystal spiders
• Cults Mines NW
• Cyclopolis
• Cyclops Mistrock
• Darashia dlair
• Darashia dragons
• DarkCathedral+items+dpGold (v1.1)
• Djinns Knight
• Dragon Lords Fenrock
• Dragons Yalahar
• Dragon Mage
• Dwarfs Kazzo
• Dworc Depositer - All Voces
• Edron Dragon Lair
• Edron goblins with gold and stones depositer
• Edron trolls with gold
• Frost Dragon all spawns
• Destroyers mines - ghaz
• Forbiden GS - All Voces
• Larvas Ankh - All spawns
• Forbiden Hydras
• Ice witch tower
• Nargor Pirates
• Lizard Camp
• Mammoth_Svar
• Minotaurs Yalahar (FULL) + Depositer + MPrebuyer
• Mintwallin
• Mutant Rats 2 towers
• Nightamres Yala - all Voces
• Orc Fortes - All Voces
• Port Jungle
• Port Hope Tortoise
• Port Hope Trolls
• Scarabs Ankh All Spawns
• Tarantules Port Hope
• Venore Dragon Lair - All Voces
• Rookgard 1-8 lvl Pacc
• Rookgard 1-8 lvl Facc
• Worker Golems
• Wyrms Liberty Bay
• Wyrms Darashia
• Yalahar Green Djins
• Yalahar Blue Djins
• Yalahar GS
• Yalahar Ice Witch
• Yalahar Quaras
• Calassa Quaras
• Yalahar Zombies
• War Golems

and more...



Hi all,
This is my first script released for sale which I have been working on for the last few months. Ive had the help from my trusty friend Wesker, he has gave me alot of usefull tips on various problems along the way. So now the script is now running 100% bug free, ive put the price on this script really low considering its my first script.

The script can be setup by amature neobotters with ease and im willing to provide 110% support to anyone that buys this script.

Where: Muggy plains
Vocation: Royal Paladin
Required lvl: 45+
Premmi: Yes
Exp/h: 230k/h With Bonus 170k/h Without
Profit: ALWAYS
Hotkeys: Alot
Afk: 150%
Hud: Yes
Healer: Yes
Ammo: Power Bolts
Softboots refiller: Yes



Hey, releasing a free script since I don't use it or need it!

*Level 20+ or 30+
*Atleast k-set, 32+def shield, 6+arm helm and a good sword!

*Mana refiller
*Many hotkeys

*It is a good script to make money with, I did it over a night got like 50-70k!
*Edit backpacks and manas in Hotkeys>Persitentkeys>Setup!
*Start on "StartWestBankHere" waypoint!



Hello All. Do you rly want to make a High LvL character? Get a full of loots, rares and cash? If yes it's the best thread to make it real ever you could found!
Few months ago i just started my RP, EK and ED Project. Those chars are 200 levels +

Most of the scripts are with Depositers/Refilers.
For all vocation from lvl 50~ till 250~ or more.
Over 100+ scripts for power gaming, getting money(on Hlvl chars profit even 40k/h!), quests or task makers!

The best way to see it it's testing by your own.

Only one thing you need to fallow the way like I botted:

Level 8 to level 15- Hunt at Trolls Edron/Ab'dendriel(Palys can not loot cash becouse trolls drops spears so they can hunt there without leaving the spawn).

From level 15 to level 25Hunt at Darashia Rotworms or Ankrahmun Larvas. There is a nice exp and some profit.

From level 25 to level 30(Knight) - Liberty Bay Rotworms.

[From level 25 to level 30(Paly)
- Tomb Penisula -2 with royal spear relifer.

At this moment you should have like 50k in cash botted for all those lvl-s.
Now you can buy some EQ and Promotion.

From level 30 to level 50(Knight)- Hunt on Dworcs. Remember to take some brown mushrooms on you and anty paralyze scripts.

From level 30 to level 60(Paly)- You can easly hunt on Tar Tomb After Scarab Coin. There should be some profit and like 50k/h. Till 60 lvl paly is better to get money.

From level 50 to level 80-90(Knight)- Buy better EQ and go on Port Hope Tortoises/Chakoyas/Apes/Lizards or even Barbarians.

From level 60 to level 90(Paly)- Now you should make ice island Quest and go on Helheim. There will be like 70k/h with some profit or same like Knight Barbarians/Apes/Lizards.

Level 90+From now both profesions can bot on Edron/Venore Dragon Lair. For sure to have a profit you need to have soft boots there. Exp is like 90k/1h.

Level 110+Draggons will be boring after some lvl-s. So now you can change your exp spot on Yalahar Heros/Necros or GS banuta on Paly.

From now both vocations should have Softs and Full Sets.
In the way from 1 till 200 lvl you will have some bonus cash from quests like:
-Demon Helmet Quest.

Level 130+
- Now your chars will be able to Bot on many Tibia Spots.
I will discribe about few of them.
-Frost Dragons. Exp: 110-120k/1h no profit on Knight till 150 LvL.
-Quaras. Exp: 90k/1h both voc have profit here.
-POI/Fenrock DL-s with firewalker boots. Exp: 150k/1h i think waste without big luck.
- Worker/War Golems. Exp: 100k/1h Big Profit.

Little list of 8 best Scripts from 150x included in pack:
- Yalahar Demons for Palys and Mages. Good task maker and profit.
- Vengoth Castle for all vocations. PG your char 350k-400k/h.
- Goroma Serpent Spawns.
- Hellspawns.
- Sunken.
- Spectras Inqu.
- Souleaters.
- Grims Yalahar.'

Most Popular That You can find in Pack:

Sea serpents Svar [D] [S] [T] [R]
Earth & Waters elementals [D] [S] [T] [R]
Heros/necros [D] [R] [A]
Mutated Rat's Yalahar [T] [R] [D] [A]
Fenrock DLs
Liberty Bay Wyrms [S] [R] [D]
Drefia Wyrms [S] [R] [D] [A]
Yalahar Arena [D] [R]
Liberty Bay Earth Elementals & Nightstalkers [R] [D]
Darashia Dragons [D] [S] [R] [A]
Darashia Dragon Lords [D] [S] [R]
Mutated Rats/Bat/Tigers [D] [S] [R]
Blue djins[D] [S] [R]
Barbarians Krimhorn
Okolnir South-West Mage [D] [S] [R]
Cave Worker Golems [S] [R] [D] [A]
Yalahar Cults [D] [S] [R]
Giant Spider Yalahar [D] [S] [R]
Edron Dragons [D] [S] [R]
Necro/Hero Yalahar West [D] [S] [R]
Haunted Treeling Yalahar/Vengoth [S] [R] [D] [A]
Dark Cathedral [A]
Malada Quara Scouts
Apes [S] [R] [D] [A] Big Profit
Zao/Fermine Scripts
Ghostly Dragons Hardcore
Frost Dragons Okolnir (For All Vocations) [S] [R] [D] [A]
Hydras Ank [R] [D]
Arena Mutated [S] [R] [D]
Bog Raiders - All Voces [S] [R] [D]
Crystal spiders [A]
Cyclops Mistrock [R] [D] [A]
Dragons Yalahar [R] [A]
Larvas Ankh - All spawns [R] [D] [A]
Minotaurs Yalahar [R] [D] [A]
Mutant Rats 2 towers [S] [R] [D] [A]
Nightamres Yala - all Voces [S] [R] [D] [A]
Orc Fortes - All Voces [D] [A]
Scarabs Ankh All Spawns [R] [D] [A]
Tarantules Port Hope
Venore Dragon Lair - All Voces [S] [R] [D] [A]
Rookgard 1-8 lvl Pacc
Worker Golems [S] [R] [D] [A]
Yalahar GS [S] [R] [D] [A]
Yalahar Ice Witch [A]
Yalahar Quaras
Calassa Quaras
Yalahar Zombies [S] [R] [D] [A]
War Golems [R] [D]
Travel Scripts



Here you will find more than 450 waypoints for you to use your TibiaBot NG waypoints encriveis with auto deposit, buy potions, and come back to hunt, until the waypoints folder contains the updated version 9.0 of the map!
All made by me, Scripter!
Thanks, and if it is spread in other forums, post the credits!

Ab'Dendriel Elf Cave -1 -2
Ab'Dendriel Slimes Cave -1
Alchemist Quarter (Yalahar)
Amazon Camp (Carlin)
Amazon Camp (Venore)
Amazon Tower (Carlin)
Ancient Ruins Tomb (Ank)
Ancient Temple Rots (Thais)
Ancient Temple Orc (Thais)
Ankrahmun Dragon Lair
Ankrahmun Library Tomb -1 -2 -3
Arena and Zoo Quarter (Yalahar)
Banuta Apes +0 (Port Hope)
Apes Caves-1 -2 (port hope)
Barbarian Settlements Big, Medium and Little(Svar)
Beregar Mines -1 -2
Calassa Quaras
Carlin Graveyard Trolls
Cemetery Quarter (Yalahar)
Chazorai (Farmine)
Chor (Port Hope)
Cult Cave (Lib Bay)
Cyclopolis -1 -2 -3 -4(Edron)
Mount Sternum Cyc and Ghouls (Thais)
Darashia Dragonlair (Only Dragons)
Darashia Dragonlair (Only DL's)
Darashia Rots -1 -2
Dark Cathedral -1(Outlaw Camp)
Dark Pyramid -1 and -2(darahsia)
Demona Warlock(North Port)
Dragonlair no dl's(venore)
Dragonlair no dl(edron)
Dragonlair cave south west(Yalahar)
Dwarfs Mines (Kazz)
Edron bog Rider
Edron rots
Edron Goblins (all floors)
Elbenvane (ab)
Elves Foreign Quarter (yalahr)
Energy Elemental Lair (darashia)
Factory Quarter (yalahar)
Farmine Mines
Femur Hills (ab -carlin)
Fibula Rots
Folda minos
Folda orcs
Folda all -1floor
Foreigner Quarter(yalahar)
Ghostland (carlin)
Goroma -1 -2
Goroma Dragons
Hero cave (edron)
Hydra Hill and Hydra Mountain (Tiquanda)
Inukaya (svar)
Isle of the Kings (carlin by boat)
Larva west and north caves (ank)
Magician Quarter (yalahar)
Medusa Cave (lib bay)´
Mintwallin (thais)
Nargor (lib bay)
Nibelor (svar)
nomad cave (ank)
oasis tomb -3(ank)´
Outlaw Camp
Peninsula tombs -3 -4(ank)
Dl's POI (Plains of havoc)
Plains of Havoc, No GS (near venore)
Plain of havoc, only GS (near venore)
Port Hope Swamp trolls
Rachazai (farmine)
Rookgaard Bear Cave
Sea Serpent Area (svar)
Shadow Tomb -1 -2 -3(ank)
Stone Tomb -1(ank)
sunken quarter (yalahar)
Swamp Troll Cave (venore)
Tarpit Tomb -1 -2 (ank)
Thais Troll Cave
Tiquanda floor 0 (port hope)
Port Hope Crocodiles
Port Hope tortoises -1 -2
Port Hope crabs
port hope water elemental cave
trade quarter (yalahar)
Venore Orc Cave
Zao Orc Land
Zao Terramite Caves
Zao Wailing Widow Cave



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